Sunday Parties

After working 7 days a week since 2008 I'm reclaiming my Sundays!

If your party is on a Sunday then I can still provide your food, everything will be ready to go into the boxes. 

I can deliver on Saturday afternoon, or the food can be collected if you are outside Wheathampstead or Harpenden. Do ask though as, if I've no plans then it's possible I might be able to deliver on the Sunday.

The sandwiches and any 'choices' that need to be kept overnight in the fridge (sausages; carrot & cucumber sticks and frubes) will be in one carrier; the non fridged items will be in another carrier.

Empty food boxes will be provided together with a simple diagram for packing. It will just take a short time to pack the boxes on the Sunday (they are fine for 4 hours before need eating).


All you will need is a free shelf in the fridge and a few minutes to pack the food into the boxes!